Furnsday represents high qualified manufacturing principle with a wide range of design products and leading innovation with high added value. We are passionate about manufacturing furniture that will serve as a stylistic guide for modern urban-styled living spaces.

From small- to large-scale furniture manufacturing, our expert team fulfills the customer's needs with exclusive services through our experience and professionality.

Our all manufacturing partners are located in Turkey's biggest furniture production city. We have currently using our storage buildings in Turkey to reach our customers. We export our products to various furniture retail companies all around the world.



Your needs will be taken by our design representatives and present material samples for your approval. Forms, measurements, materials and finishes will be decided in detail together to get the best result. We manage a project plan that covers budgeting, timelines, and everything through process.


We organize the prototype production in our cooperating partner factories according to material diversity and furniture type so that each brings expertise to the furniture-making process to develop high-quality finished products with a wide range of material options. The prototype will be produced and ready to be shipped from 3 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on the scale.


We produce your order on time and within budget with a customer-focused approach, sticking to constant communication to involve the customer. All the products go through rigid quality control during & after production to test strength and quality according to the demanded standards and regulations, if any.


All your orders are easy to assemble and packed smart to be shipped anywhere in the world. Your order will be delivered on time and damage-free within 4-5 weeks depending on your location.


We organize the furniture production in our cooperated partner factories according to base materials and different furniture types which are located in an area which is known to be Turkey’s high profile manufacturers for qualified furniture. Every one of our manufacturer partners brings expertise to the furniture making process. We follow all the production processes with our professional team closely to be get qualified furnitures.

We work with expert manufacturer partners for upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds. For the production of solid wood furnitures such as dining tables, coffee & side tables, bookshelves, we organize with our premium cooperated manufacturers. We are open to produce any furniture you wish for.

We ship orders directly from our warehouse in Turkey.

All of our products are available to ship worldwide.

If you contact our sales department on info@furnsday.com, they will be happy to help you and make sure that you get the full response to your questions.